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Memory Care is a specialized home focused on caring for seniors with cognitive memory decline. A memory care facility is specialized for those with an Alzheimer’s or Dementia diagnosis and behavioral issues such as behavioral problems such as aggression, wandering around, sleep issues and personality changes.

While a memory care facility may have similar services, activities, and other amenities similar to assisted living facilities, a memory care facility should also have specialized building designed features to meet the needs of memory care residents such as offering special lock security features, additional emergency call buttons, easy to navigate indoor spaces, and secure outdoor spaces.

The quality of memory care can vary greatly from home to home. Some homes that do not properly specialize in memory care may not have all of the features you would expect if you are seeking a top of the line memory care home. Since AgeChoice knows which memory care homes are most highly rated in a given region, you can be confident that you will find a home that is highly ranked and specialized to provide the best memory care you would want for a loved one. Find the best memory care facilities right here on AgeChoice.

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